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Written by Ashley Allis, a licensed clinical professional counselor, Angry Like a Monster teaches children how to deal with their anger in healthy ways through a playful story.

 Imagine waking every morning not knowing if you will go to bed that night. Imagine having a life in which a bad hair day or an F on an assignment is the last thing you should worry about. Imagine having your entire life ahead of you, only to have a gun put against your head and have the guarantee of a future, vanish. Imagine being able to bring down a 250 pound thug as a twelve-year-old. Imagine all of that, and you have a glimpse into the not so normal life of Agent Lily Anne Gemorski, international teen spy.

My Not So Normal Life I: Spy Recruit- Paperback Version

Sammy Shark's Stomach Ache 

Sammy Shark can't eat his favorite foods, and his teeth hurt too. When he and his friends Stacy and Stanley can't figure out why, the trio visits the nurse shark to find out what's really bothering Sammy.

This read-to-me story explains the importance of recycling and ocean conservation to protect our friends in the water.

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